AIR Lighthouse

Online, real-time data warehousing and analysis too. This tool integrates multiple, complex surveys, assessments, or other data collections, and enables users to analyze the data quickly and effectively. | home

How does AIR Lighthouse work?

Going well beyond a traditional statistics program, AIR Lighthouse overlays the survey or other data with a new analytic layer that encapsulates both substantive knowledge about the dataset and the technical knowledge that data analysts typically bring to their tasks.

Substantive knowledge of the database is captured in a sophisticated data structure similar to a very smart table of contents. Through the information maintained in this structure, the system knows how to organize the information for presentation to the user, which data elements are comparable across collections, and what types of analyses are sensible for particular data elements. AIR Lighthouse uses this information to guide users as they explore any (and only) the questions that the data can address. More>>>