AIR Lighthouse

Online, real-time data warehousing and analysis too. This tool integrates multiple, complex surveys, assessments, or other data collections, and enables users to analyze the data quickly and effectively. | home

What are some of AIR Lighthouse's feature?

Graphics: AIR Lighthouse currently supports bar charts and line charts. The system even knows when to use each one. Graphics capabilities are easily extensible to meet the needs of licensees.

Statistics: AIR Lighthouse currently supports a variety of descriptive statistics and tables, along with regression. All statistics are presented with appropriate standard errors, and the interface supports statistical tests of hypotheses.

Interface: AIR Lighthouse's web interface is completely modular, so each site can have its own look and feel. It even supports multiple, different user interfaces to the same dataset, allowing users to access the interface that meets their needs and skills.

Security: AIR Lighthouse's design keeps individual level data secure, while allowing users to analyze and view aggregate analyses of those data. The system offers a variety of options for suppressing output that risks identifying individual respondents.